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(520) 762-8639

Makers of the Unfinished Cedar Boxes with SECRET DRAWERS

Guidelines To Purchase Wholesale



We have a $150 minimum per purchase to receive wholesale pricing per transaction.


All orders are shipped via UPS Ground Service.  All shipping charges are the customers' responsibility.  The shipping charge is added to the final billing.  We have a discounted rate with UPS for Ground Service shipping.

Lead times vary depending on the number of orders on the bench and the size of your order.  Without compromising quality we diligently work to build and complete your order of unique, high-quality, handcrafted boxes as soon as we possibly can but we have a high standard so we refuse to rush through and not exceed your expectations.  We appreciate your patience as we are a small "Mom `n Pop" manufacturer of all our own boxes.  Please plan for your special sales, events, shows and the gift-giving seasons accordingly and get your order in with a months time to get it turned around to you in time.  On average, please allow two weeks, give or take a few days, for your order to ship; however as stated above, it does depend on how many orders we have on the bench and the size of your order.


We do the best we can to package your cedar boxes to prevent damage in shipping.  It rarely happens but sometimes care is not taken by handlers and breakage happens.  Our policy requires you to please inform us within three (3) days of the delivery date with e-mailed pictures of the damaged item(s) and we will issue a credit for the damaged item(s).

Please consider that wood fibers swell as they absorb moisture and shrink as they release it, causing the wood to expand and contract.  If you're having difficulty with the drawer sliding and it's a humid time of year, please allow the wood to contract in a dry room before making a claim that the drawers don't open smoothly.


A valid credit card number must be provided upon placing the order and is charged upon shipping the order to include shipping charges.


Our Company is WHOLESALE ONLY.  To ensure we are selling only to other businesses we require that a Uniform Sales & Use Tax Exemption/Resale Certificate -- Multijurisdiction form be filled out and emailed to cedarboxguy@thingswestern.com prior to first order being placed.  If you are an Arizona-based store, please provide Arizona Form 5000A filled out and e-mailed to cedarboxguy@thingswestern.com prior to first order being placed.


We enjoy making friends as we work with Store Owners/Managers/Buyers when we wholesale to the Retail industry.  Please know we hold any and all personal information divulged to us in the ordering process private and will never, ever sell any of your information to anyone or any business for listings, or otherwise.  We do not offer refunds. The boxes shipped out to you will be the size and number of drawers you specifically order in the requested quantities.  The color of wood, whether it has bark or not, and the drawer cuts are all based on the type of wood we have on hand at the time of the order and will be sent at our discretion. Call us with any questions for clarification and let's get your first order processed.