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Makers of the Unfinished Cedar Boxes with SECRET DRAWERS

About Us

Welcome to Things Western, LLC

We are a family-owned and operated business that wholesales, at reasonable prices, to retail stores an item that moves quickly, reflects the culture of the Southwest being a rustic, unfinished, inexpensive gift shop item that sells well because it appeals to both tourists and locals, alike.

Jaime crafts beautiful, drawered boxes made of Alligator Bark Juniper Wood known as the "Arizona Cedar".  We harvest fallen wood ourselves and repurpose it to create these unique boxes.  They vary in size, shape, number of drawers, and set in horizontal or vertical positions. Special ones with secret drawers hidden inside are our specialty.  

We fully intend to stand behind what we make.   Should an item arrive damaged in shipping, please notify us within three (3) days of receiving the shipment and we will credit your account for the broken item(s). We do not offer refunds. Please know we hold any and all personal information divulged to us in the ordering process private and will never, ever sell any of your information to anyone or any business for listings, or otherwise.

We enjoy making friends as we work with Store Owners/Managers/Buyers when we wholesale to the Retail Stores industry.

Please review our Wholesale Buying Guidelines for details on how to purchase wholesale for your storefront, then contact us at: information@thingswestern.com to place your order.

Enjoy your time spent on our site and feel free to visit with us via e-mail with questions or comments.

Thank you for visiting thingswestern.com!


(520) 762-8639

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