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Makers of the Unfinished Cedar Boxes with SECRET DRAWERS


These unfinished boxes add rustic charm and beauty to any room and style of decor. Made from Alligator Bark Juniper wood, known as the "Arizona Cedar" for it's aromatic quality, these boxes can store trinkets to valuable treasures. Whether they be for your home, office, or as a gift, the Cedar Boxes attract attention and admiration for being the unique and simple, useful decoration that they are.


Some boxes have a hidden secret drawer in back when you pull the drawer out all the way. This "secret" make these all the more appealing.


The boxes vary in size, shape, number of drawers, and set in horizontal or vertical positions. All two-, three- and four-drawer boxes come with a secret drawer that can be found behind any one of the drawers when pulled out all the way.


Reflect the culture of the Southwest with rustic, unfinished wood boxes that are inexpensive and have SECRET DRAWERS.  They move off the shelves quickly because they appeal to both tourists and locals alike.  INTERESTED IN BUYING WHOLESALE FOR YOUR RETAIL STORE?  Please review our Wholesale Guidelines on the "Wholesale" Page then call or e-mail us with your store's Sales Tax ID number and let's get started with your order.

Drawered Cedar Boxes

The boxes shipped out to you will be the size and number of drawers you specifically order in the requested quantities.  The color of wood, whether it has bark or not, and the drawer cuts are all based on the type of wood we have on hand at the time of the order and will be sent at our discretion.

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"The Only Secret One Should Keep Is . . . A Secret Drawer!"

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