How We Got Started

Welcome to Things Western, LLC, direct to you from Vail, Arizona. 

We are a family-owned and operated business that features rustic, western home decor at reasonable prices.

Jaime crafts beautiful, drawered boxes made of Alligator Bark Juniper Wood known as the "Arizona Cedar".  We offer high-quality boxes and fine craftsmanship in all that we create with all products made in the good 'ole USA using American-made materials.

Being a family man looking to spend more time at home with his wife and kids, Jaime enters the entrepreneurial artisan's world of making a living doing what he loves and loving what he's doing; as well, to be self-reliant for the income needed to live and raise a family on.

We make the best hand-crafted gifts and decorative products we know how and never stop improving on them. We rely more on skills than hundred thousand dollar machines and we stand behind what we make.

The products found for sale on this site are made by any one of the Camacho family members ages 14 on up to the patriarch of the family.

We fully intend to stand behind what we make.   We will honor exchanges for any item should it arrive damaged, or does not meet your satisfaction.  We do not offer refunds. 

Please know we hold any and all personal information divulged to us in the ordering process private and will never, ever sell any of your information to anyone or any business for listings, or otherwise.

We enjoy making friends as we sell nationwide through our online store and work with Store Owners as we wholesale to the Gift Shop industry.  Please contact us at for details on how to purchase wholesale for your storefront.

Please enjoy your time spent on our site and feel free to visit with us via e-mail with questions or comments.

Thank you for visiting!

Jaime & Debbie Camacho
(520) 762-8639

Exodus 35:31-33