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Please look through our assortment of artisan's tools, books, hand forged home decor items and other delights. We have shopping carts from Paypal to accept your credit cards, or we still accept checks, credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) by phone, money orders, etc. Our shipping charge  in the USA at this time is a single $7 charge added to the total by Paypal's shopping carts regardless of the size or weight of the order....So order BIG!  (chuckle). Out-of-country orders pay actual shipping charges for Global Priority mail.Thanks! Joe and Janet Rollings, Unique Tool, Rodeo, NM, 1-800-840-2434

We can't sell cannons through the website, buy if you want to talk about cannons, give us a call at 1-800-840-2434. This scale model Napoleon has a solid steel tube bored to 1.6 inches and a mesquite carriage. I take a lot of joy in machining and constructing unusualItems of every stripe.

 Me, about 1949

Dad came home from a squirrel hunt and stuck me down in his hunting boots. I couldn't touch the bottoms of the boots and kept trying to tip over, so he made sure the old 16 gage double was unloaded and handed it to me to balance with.  It made a mighty fine cane!

Thought you might enjoy one of the "fits" the desert throws every few years when the spring weather is perfect. The whole San Simone Valley is blanketed with large meadows of wildflowers that last for weeks.  From time to time I'll change the pictures around on this page and show other natural wonders of New Mexico and other projects from the past and present. All the best, and enjoy our other pages...Joe